Meet Mark Smith - Employer and Member Relations Manager

Mark sitting in a green chair in atria one building

What do you do (in no more than three words)?

Employer/Member Relations

Which of our values means the most to you (and why)?

Customer Focused and being able to communicate effectively – I picked two as they tend to be closely related and very relevant to my role.

Being customer focused and having excellent communication skills is very important to me. I am extremely proud to work for Lothian Pension Fund ensure that I play my part in delivering the fund’s ambitions and values.

Our members and employers deserve a first class professional service which I strive to deliver on a daily basis whether it be through telephone calls, emails, presentations or meetings.

One of the best things about my role/my department/LPF (choose any one) is…

The interesting, varied and challenging day to day work.  From the very first day I started with LPF, every day is busy, varied, challenging and rewarding. No day is ever is the same and there is a lot of opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge further.

What makes you stay at LPFE?

I choose to stay at LPF for many reasons.

  • My role is extremely interesting and diverse. As Pensions legislation often changes, I am constantly updating my knowledge on regulations, policies and procedures.
  • My work has a purpose and a meaning. LPF, in my opinion, has always been ahead of the game and I am proud to be part of that. I am fully aware of the part I play in achieving the funds goals and objectives.
  • I am recognised, respected and rewarded. My work and contribution has been recognised which allowed me to develop my skills and take on more challenging responsibilities.