Holli Buckley - Trainee Pensions Administrator

Andrew in a green chair in atria building

What do you do (in no more than three words)? 

Calculate member’s pensions.

One of the best things about my department is… 

Its customer focused attitude.

What are the biggest challenges facing the pensions industry going forward? 

I think a big challenge is engaging the younger generation in the importance of being in a workplace pension, there is definitely still a lot of work that could be done in that area.

What gives you cause for optimism? 

Seeing members that have been working hard in their roles and paying into the scheme for years, now retiring with a decent pension and lump sum.

Take us back to your early life, your aspirations and how you got into Pensions Administration.

I undertook a Psychology degree after leaving high school, with aspirations to become a psychologist. However once finishing my degree, I realised I enjoyed the more technical aspects (running analysis on data), than I did the behavioural. I got my first full time job working for JLT on the British Steel Pension Scheme ‘Time to Choose’ project where I found my love of pensions. Forever wanting to learn more, I left the call centre to come to LPFE to study Pensions Administration.

Why did you choose to join LPFE?

For lots of reasons! The chance to learn more about how pensions are actually calculated, to achieve a pensions related qualification, to deal with member’s face to face, for the flexible working arrangements my previous job didn’t offer me and of course to spend more time with my Mum (haha!)