Meet Erin Savage - Senior Employers and Members Manager

Erin in green chair in atria building

One of the best things about LPF is…

The opportunities that are available – there is lots of encouragement for career progression both within and across different teams with lots of examples of people who have joined in one position and been able to move to roles in other teams – you are never held back from applying for jobs or taking on qualifications.

What have been your highlights from your time here so far?

My ‘ best bits’ reel would definitely include my promotion from Pensions Administrator to Client Relationship Officer in the then Communications Team.  This was a brand new post and I was really excited about the opportunity to build relationships with employers and enhance our service.  I also really enjoyed organising the first Lothian Pension Fund user group  as part of my qualification in Pensions Administration.  Everything went to plan on the day, and we got great feedback from employers which led to this becoming a regular event.  Other highlights include completing my Advanced Diploma in Retirement Provision – the first in the Fund to achieve this. 

Which of our values means the most to you (and why)?

‘I am self-motivated and a team player.’  I set high standards for myself to ensure that I get things done and provide an excellent service to our customers.  However everyone has different perspectives and skills which are best utilised working together.

Take us back to your early life, your aspirations and how you got into your chosen career.

My childhood career aspirations ranged from nurse to hotel manager to Police Officer!    Realistically, I probably got into pensions probably as a result of the roll of a dice.  After completing my degree in Business Organisation, I took up a graduate role at Scottish Amicable, based in Stirling.  We were split into three areas – one of which was pensions.  After completing a lot of exams, I decided to look for a role with a shorter commute and better career options and joined LPF in 2001.  I completed my Qualification in Pensions Administration in 2004 and then moved into the new Communications Team in 2005 before a further promotion meant a move back to the administration team as Assistant Pensions Manager in 2009.  Following some restructures and change of job titles I am now the Fund’s Senior Pensions Employer and Member Manager, with responsibility for employer liaison, pensions payroll and data quality.