Meet Bruce Miller - Our Chief Investments Officer

Andrew in a green chair in atria building

At Lothian Pension Fund, our raison d’être is to deliver pension benefits to the satisfaction of both members and employers.  Achievement of this objective is more likely than ever due to a commitment to invest in resources for the long term.  I am personally delighted to be part of a leadership team supported by forward-looking trustees who have a clear understanding of the key issues.  This has created a positive working environment for our talented, self-motivated team to deliver the required outcomes.

For twenty years, I worked in the private sector as analyst and portfolio manager before a chance conversation lead me to Lothian. Twelve years on, I have the privilege of leading a diverse team of experienced investment professionals focused on funding our members pensions.      

My role has become multi-faceted.  Oversight of the Fund’s assets is paramount, so there are plenty of meetings to appraise individual investments and broader strategies.  But the role is also about marshalling internal resources and engaging with external parties to keep them well-informed about the fund’s operations and investments.