About Us 2019

Each year we plan to find out as much as we can about our colleagues – to ensure we stay true to our aim to be an inclusive employer.

This year we found out:

  • 52% of colleagues have a caring responsibility for a child.
  • 68% have a caring responsibility for a child or other family member.
  • 40% live within four miles of the office.
  • 30% live more than 15 miles away.
  • 33% of colleagues take the bus to work.
  • 30% of colleagues travel by train.
  • 63% of colleagues regularly work from home.
  • 33% have a formal flexible working arrangement.
  • Our colleagues are pet lovers – as well as the usual cats and dogs, we have owners of a parrot, a rat and a snake.
  • And finally, comedies are our colleague’s favourite move choice (23% of them to be accurate).